The A-MAIZE-ing Ingredient

As South Africans we all have a story to tell related to having enjoyed a good dish with with AMAZING traditional ingredient Maize Meal. Its a common staple in many homes whether you grew up eating it every morning for porridge or having it as a side dish as your common favourite “Pap and Vleis”. It fairly its a wonderful ingredient which we probably all have in our cupboards.F68AC3D4-BAE5-4626-86C8-5259C5F06027

Pauline’s great love and appreciation for Maize  Meal came about on a long slow
journey compared to most other South African’s.  Her mother being Scottish fed her
oats porridge for breakfast as that is a staple in her homeland and it was only being
fortunate to be in the care of our Nanny Miriam that we managed a change in
breakfast options to the creamy and silky white porridge called Maize Meal.
Later in life having married an Afrikaans South African a braai was not a braai unless
there was the staple addition of “Pap and Sous”…..where the Maize Meal was
transformed into a stiff crumbly accompaniment in place of a starch such as
potato……the relish tomato sauce elevated this to new levels of appreciation.
With latter day travels She has been fascinated with the similar staples on offer in other
countries….Polenta in Italy ….or Grits in the USA and so has been her journey of
exploring so much more that can be done with this A-Maize-ing …Maize Meal.

Now join us on a journey as we take this A- MAIZE-ing basic ingredient and discover its versatility  and several different ways to cook and enjoy it… with a twist



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